Know Your Animals- An Educational Coloring Book

Did you know that we have two coloring books? That’s right! There’s our book all about animals and classification. Then we have a book full of original monsters, all who belong to Royal Society that celebrates adventure, science, nature and history. Each book is unique and fun. You can find both on Amazon or if you stop by any show where I am. They both make great gifts. 



Each page was drawn by me and it’s full of fun animal facts! First up, we learn the basics of classification and then we meet animals from the Classes of animals- mammals, birds, reptiles, fish & amphibians. Each double page layout includes four animals with names and a fun fact about each one. Opposite is a great pattern of one of those animals. You get over 100 pages of fun! It’s great for ages 8-88. 


You can find Know Your Animals on Amazon for $12.

 It’s on Prime- so free shipping! Woohoo! 




The Royal Society of Monster Manor

Many years ago, a most astute monster wanted to gather all of the most brilliant, adventurous and creative monsters in one place to share ideas and companionship.

That monster was Mrs. Mella. She gave over her manor to house all the monsters she invited. It is here at The Royal Society of Monster Manor where all of these amazing monsters gather to share their knowledge of science, their adventures around the world and the creative ideas. Come join us as we meet some of these extraordinary creatures and learn with them.  

You can meet them all here on Amazon.