Meet The Team

Creative Director & Artist:



Hi! You know me as Coconut Moe, a pen name I took in honor of my real cat Moe and because I started drawing him in tiki fashion. And yes, we have a home tiki bar and it’s named Coconut Moe’s. Since my humble beginning, Coconut Moe illustrations have grown to represent animals with charm, whimsy and a big touch of sass. 

I worked as an educator in zoos and aquariums before starting the educational website- Ellie & Edmond, where a small stuffed horse & elephant go on adventures and teach about animals. My passion for animals has expanded from E&E to my illustrations here with Coconut Moe. I hope my illustrations and goodies bring you joy. 

In my spare time I love travel, tea, tiki, Muppets, Disney World and all things 80s.

You can find Coconut Moe and Ellie & Edmond on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Come join us on all of our adventures.


IT Director, Chief Sherpa & Husband:



Our bass playing, technology loving and sci-fi nerd is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. He is always up for whatever schemes I come up with and he is one awesome cat dad.

Chief Cat Officer:  Moe


Our buff ginger guy is really who rules the roost. He loves to snuggle, chicken wings and tummy rubs. Moe was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society many years ago. He is earned the nickname Coconut Moe, after discovering coconut oil. We ended up naming our home tiki bar after him. None of us would be here without this big love bug- also known as Bubs.

Chief Office Supply Officer: Coco

Coco has only been with us for a year and she is a full on derpy goofball. Her hobbies include ribbon, eating paper and attacking tape dispensers. Post-its are her arch enemy. She is OBSESSED with a small amazon box, a large fabric gift bag and her fake sheep skin rug.